7 Sections of the Thrift Store You Should Be Shopping: The Two-Piece Section

Thrifting has been a weekly activity for me for about 12 years now, so I’ve developed a routine in how I make my way around a store and what it is I'm looking for. While it's been a great method for cutting down the amount of time spent aimlessly wandering the store, I noticed about a year ago that I had filled my closet with several variations of the same four shirts--all patterned! It hadn't occur to me until that moment that my careful shopping had been limiting my style.

So, instead of freaking out, I decided to start fresh. Not with my closet!... with my shopping habits. I challenged myself to check out every corner of the store before I left and see if there were any areas I should be giving a closer look on future visits.

Follow along over the next few weeks as I share some of these oft-overlooked sections, and why I believe you should also be giving them a second look.

karlie baker united states of vintage value village thrift retro 
Shawl, Value Village thrift store
Collared shirt, Donnaland Vintage Variety

The two-piece section

Why you should be shopping it: There are some amazing toppers among the 80s and 90s feminine power suits and short-sleeve jacket sets! I've been able to find light blazers in fun prints, lace and fringe shawls that are perfect layers for summer nights, and a dreamy 1960s cape worthy of any formal dance (pictured above). A bonus with many of these is that the pairing skirts or dresses are often wearable with minimal alteration--just watch out for the shoulder pads!

karlie baker united states of vintage value village thrift retro
Cardigan and skirt (both formerly parts of two-piece sets), Value Village thrift store

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