Vintage Outfit Inspiration for 2016

USofVintage creator Karlie Baker discusses her 2016 personal style resolution:

I feel remiss to add "take a break from buying clothing" to my list of New Year's resolutions, but I think it needs to happen to make my wardrobe better. In 2014 I discovered the Belleville Flea Market, and within a few months my jewelry collection had quadrupled. Then, I discovered Donnaland Vintage Variety, a deadstock paradise tucked in a warehouse at the Lemp Brewery here in St. Louis, and my vintage dress-up collection got even larger. It was fun, and beautiful, and bright, but it got to a hoarder level. I've sold and traded off about 40 pieces at Avalon Exchange since this fall, and still have all of my dressers and closet bars full.

The problem with getting items at such a bargain is that sometimes I don't keep in mind the types of items I no longer need, and end up with several redundant pieces. I think I need to take a little time and get reacquainted with my wardrobe, so I can remember the things I loved about each piece in the first place.

I thought in order to take a shopping moratorium that I would have to step away from Instagram, a.k.a., temptation. But instead, I'm going to draw from the other ladies of Instagram to inspire me to figure out ways to remix, to layer, and to make the most out of every piece I have. Then maybe--maybe!--I'll stick to my resolution. In a step toward doing so, I've rounded up some of the outfits I found most inspiring over the past year. Florals, lace, vests, mixed prints, layering... I think I've sensed some patterns.

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