Vintage Finds: Stilettos On Sunday Morning + Leather Jacket and Silver Ring from May's Place

Jill Firns of Stilettos On Sunday Morning describes the moment she met "the one," that is, the vintage leather jacket of her dreams.

The piece is part of the BLACKSHEEP collection at May's Place (3249 Ivanhoe Ave., St. Louis, Mo.). The store--the labor of Andy May and Katie Conran--is one of the city's newest secondhand vendors.

"... And then my gaze landed on one protruding sleeve from the rack. The supple, shining leather with split zippered cuffs and dangling fringe caught my eye immediately. I approached the rack hesitantly, telling my heart rate not to quicken as I pulled her down. We disappeared into the fitting room together, totally crashing in on my friend Courtney's try-on session. In went one arm, and then the next. Thrift gods and goddesses clapped and vintage angels sang. With her matching, accompanying belt and proper price, she was mine, all mine!" Read more at Stilettos on Sunday Morning.
Jill--who believes a black leather (or vegan) jacket should be a staple in every closet--said she has always been intrigued with leather jackets that include exciting elements like fringe and fasteners.

"They call up images of the Wild West, badass biker babes, and the over-the-top 1980s. They're incredible statement pieces, and they shout, 'I am confident!' when you wear them," she said. 

Since its purchase, Jill says she wears it every opportunity she gets. 

"It just jazzes up any outfit. Because it is a true, thick leather, it is also incredibly warm. This makes it easy to pair with many outfits because I don't have to worry about being chilly. I wore it out late one night with a high-waisted, skintight gray skirt, black tights, a crop top, black leather booties, and a wide-brimmed hat, and I felt like a rock star."

"Sometimes I want to feel intimidating, and this jacket goes a long way in that department. It is quite heavy, so it gives you a whole new type of attitude while wearing it."

Vintage-focused shoppers can browse clothing, jewelry, home decor and artwork at May's Place--even a selection of vinyl! Inspired by the general store format, it also offers its own line of candles, and promotes "necessities" from other local makers, including Lonesome Traveler's pet collar bow ties, Hanley Fold Farm soaps, and a selection of teas and coffee from ReTrailer Tea Company and Stringbean Coffee.

BLACKSHEEP's mission is rooted in sustainability, promoting the knowledge that an action as small as purchasing secondhand clothing can help reduce landfill waste and the demand for cheap labor. (And you thought it was just because the vintage gods wanted you to have a rockin' addition to your closet.)

"When you break down the results of that one small act, you can't help but feel proud, excited, and empowered to commit more small acts that ripple out into the universe like shockwaves of change. It is my mission to empower you, to realize your ability to create change, and to find the joy that comes from knowing that your small acts are making a big difference," according to the brand's website.

All images courtesy of Allan Crain
Leather Jacket & Three-Stone Southwestern Ring: May's Place / Earrings: Avalon Exchange / Sunglasses & Jeans: Forever21 / Sweater: Heartland Underdog / Boots: Leopard Boutique

 See more of Jill's eclectic style at Stilettos on Sunday Morning, or follow her on Instagram at @jillianskrillian.

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