Vintage Shopping Tips: Why You Should Always Check the Discard Rack at Thrift Stores

Karlie Baker of Bringing Up Bust Form shares one of her favorite purchases from Value Village (88 Western Plaza, Fenton, Mo.):
vintage floral dress retro vest united states of vintage thrift 
Dress and vest: Value Village (O'Fallon and Fenton, Mo., respectively)

For 2015, I made a style resolution to be unafraid of going overboard in combining my vintage pieces. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Once in a while, I take the "overboard" part literally--like pairing this obnoxious, colorful mess of floral, beads and embroidery with floral patterns. I snagged this blue monstrosity during a half-off sale at Value Village, which brings me to the nugget of wisdom that is the point of this post: If you're thrifting, always check the discard rack!

The percentage of items I've purchased that were spotted on my way into the fitting room is staggering. Think of it this way: one woman's ill-fitting garment is another woman's treasure. The discard rack is full of items that other customers have already curated out of the rows of bland so-so's, and for whatever reason they said 'no.' You're lucky enough to get the next first crack at them! When I first spotted this vest, it was still in another girl's hand. She was debating with her friend whether to buy it, and in a moment of doubt that it was too loud, set it on the discard rack. I snatched it within 10 seconds, then silently watched her amble back a few minutes later hoping to reclaim it. I'm not ashamed. Thrifting victories are awarded to the bold.

  vintage retro floral dress vest united states of vintage thrift
Vest: Value Village (Fenton, Mo.)
Dress: estate sale

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