Vintage Snapshot: the Road Trip-Worthy Pink Elephant Antique Mall

Tracey MacLeod of Confessions of a Second-Hand Junkie and Goddess of Hellfire share a shot of Pink Elephant Antique Mall (908 Veterans Memorial Dr., Livingston, Ill.):

pink elephant antique mall I-55 livingston illinios thrift retro secondhand

There are a dozen reasons to stop at Pink Elephant--and that's excluding the secondhand goodies inside. The view of the building from Interstate 55 is colorful, and if you aren't attracted to the giant, swirled ice cream cone Twistee Treat stand, you probably want to stop and take a photo of the literal pink elephant (and the bevy of other statues, including a bare-chested man and a UFO). The antique mall has even been known to host a carnival on its grounds.

The former school gymnasium is packed with dozens of stalls that suit jewelry hunters, mid-century antique hoarders and pickers alike. 

Written by Karlie Baker

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