Vintage Finds: AC/DC Concert Baseball T-Shirt from Strange Cargo

Karlie Baker of Bringing Up Bust Form shares her favorite purchase from Strange Cargo (3448 N. Clark St., Chicago, Ill.)[Note: This store doesn't typically offer resale items; this was a pure case of kismet.]

united states of vintage acdc concert tshirt forever 21 yellow cardigan layer
Shirt: Vintage from Strange Cargo in Chicago, Ill.
Cardigan: Forever 21
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Urbanog
Jewelry: vintage

I found this shirt while back-to-school shopping a few weeks before I started my senior year of high school. The whole situation felt serendipitous. I was checking out at Strange Cargo when this tiny blonde swooped through the door in a pile of fury and dumped out a brown grocery bag full of shirts onto the counter top. I tried not to stare. I tried to focus on the small talk the cashier was making with me, but you couldn't help but overhearing every few words. "parking lot handie... four other girls... vacation in Jamaica..."

At that point, I was straight-up staring at the girl and the pile of shirts. They were some pretty choice concert shirts--a few from AC/DC, Journey, Bon Jovi. Some, I'm sure, my mom owned in high school. I remember at the time I'd been dying to find old concert tees, obsessed with re-creating some look I'd torn out of an old Teen Vogue, and had come up short at my usual haunts.

"I'm getting rid of him, but first, I'm getting rid of his musty dumb t-shirts," she said.

The cashier explained they weren't a resale shop.

"You don't want 'em? That's fine," the girl said. "I'll give them to homeless people! Yeah! That'll really fuck with his head, seeing his favorite shirts on homeless people!"

My cashier was holding out my change, but I didn't notice. I was already shouting, "I'd actually like to buy one of those!"

Seven seconds later, I had plucked this AC/DC baseball T from the mass, and handed her $30. She definitely looked like she could use some wine.

Whoever you are, cheating guy whose shirts got sold off, thank you. At least one of them is being put to great use almost 10 years later!

united states of vintage acdc baseball tshirt thrift layer psychedelic retro cardigan layer fall outfit

united states of vintage acdc baseball tshirt thrift layer psychedelic retro cardigan layer fall outfit
Cardigan and skirt: thrifted
Boots: ZiGi Girl from Nordstrom Rack

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