How Vintage Fashion Blogger Krystal Alexis Packed for Her Stay at Madonna Inn

"Life of a Doll" blogger Krystal Alexis Aguilar at Madonna Inn

The rooms and grounds of California’s Madonna Inn make frequent appearances on fashion bloggers’ Instagram feeds, and for good reason—packed with glitter, floral patterns, rock walls and stained glass straight out of Beauty and the Beast, each of the hotel’s 110 rooms exude their own style. Life of a Doll's Krystal Alexis, who says Madonna Inn has overthrown Disneyland as her happiest place on earth, puts it best when she describes it as “simply the most spectacular, beautifully breathtaking, extremely detailed, adorably quirky, perfectly kitschy, nostalgic, retro paradise!"

"There's just something about seeing a peek of the Inn from the 101 freeway that makes me feel all tingly and giddy with excitement!” she said.

Krystal actually has a bucket list of 43 rooms she wants to stay in, which she calls the "Madonna Must List." Krystal recently whittled through two rooms on her list—Just Heaven and Sugar & Spice—during her 30th birthday celebration.

Madonna Inn presents a unique opportunity in that planning your vacation wardrobe can be just as much of an activity as the stay itself--especially if you're taking photos! Krystal prepared seven outfits for the three-day, two-night trip, with specific ensembles for poolside, bike riding and horseback riding activities, as well as the two room themes. The result: a plethora of dreamy, straight-out-of-the-60s pastel looks accented with even more feminine details, including dainty cherub earrings, berets and a floral crown. Neutral-colored shoes kept the focus on her frocks, with the exception of one exceptional pair of Madonna Inn brand heels.

View the full looks below, and be sure to visit our vintage shopping map for shopping recommendations by Krystal and other bloggers featured on USofVintage! 

Krystal's look that coordinated with the Just Heaven room included a baby blue angel sleeve dress from True Heart Vintage purchased on the Whurl app, nude platform heels and angelic white and gold cherub earrings.

"My favorite look has to be the all pink outfit [which coordinated with the Sugar & Spice room]," Krystal said. "It has such an iconic Madonna Inn vibe to it that fit in so well with all of the perfectly pink surroundings."

Pictured above, Krystal wore a vintage pink crochet mock turtleneck dress with matching rhinestone belt from the Rose Bowl Flea Market with pink sheer socks, pink patent pumps and pastel floral headpiece.

Her poolside look included a 60s one-piece swimsuit from Memos Vintage paired with a sheer pink pearl covered over-shirt. Krystal said the Madonna Inn brand heels--purchased on Whurl--are her prized possession!

For her road trip to Madonna Inn (which included an antiquing pit stop) featured a mint swiss-dot dress from Whurl and vintage plastic floral earrings from the Vintage Flea Market of Old Town Tustin, a mint fuzzy beret and tan flats.

For horseback riding, Krystal sported a high-waisted jeans, dusty lavender sweater, vintage 60s brocade coat dress from Corner Store, vintage western belt, vintage western hat from the Alameda Point Flea Market, and western suede boots.

Krystal's bike riding ensemble included a vintage blouse and wrangler skirt from Super Thrift, baby blue coat, vintage knit beret from the Long Beach Flea Market and white bobby socks with tan flats.

For the drive home, she wore a 60s floral dress with long exaggerated velvet bow from  SmokeShowSuperNova, pink sunnies, pink fuzzy beret and nude platform heels.

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